Pregnancy & Birth books

babycenter Pregnancy & babycenter Baby
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley
ISBN: 978140337922 & 9781740337984
RRP: $39.95 each

THESE two books from babycenter feature expert views, parents’ tips and comments, visual guides, handy checklists, as well as the standard information on what to expect when you’re expecting. Pregnancy is split into five main sections: getting ready for pregnancy, staying safe and healthy, a week-by-week pregnancy diary, labour and birth, and life with your new baby. Baby is also sectioned into five elements: birth-six weeks, six weeks to six months, six months to one year, baby healthcare and returning to work. The chapters cover development and play, sleep, feeding, special care babies, environment and everyday care, as well as you and your family. And although produced by an American organisation, the editions here have been rewritten with consultation of Australian doctors as well as local information such as useful contact numbers and websites.


Pregnancy and Birth: The Essential Australian Checklists
By Karen Sullivan
Publisher: DK
ISBN: 9781740337588
RRP: $19.95
With more than 80 checklists, this is a really easy-to-read guide book for parents, covering pregnancy, birth and the first year with baby. There are details on what to buy, what to ask employers and healthcare professionals, what to prepare, how to stay fit and healthy, how to budget for baby, and when to make appointments. This nappy-bag-sized book has sections for you to add your own notes, as well as charts for baby such as weight/height, sleeping/feeding patterns, first foods and immunisation. Written by a mother of three, this handy little book would make a great gift for anyone who’s just announced they’re pregnant.
The Don’t Panic Guide to Birth
By Fiona McArthur
RRP: $14.95
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9780143204527

Subtitled “The book you need when you’ve run out of time to read the big fat books”, this little gem would make a great baby shower gift as it is compact, practical and very easy to read. Written by a midwife and mother of five, it outlines everything from what to expect when labour begins, how contractions start, what to take to hospital, what happen if your waters haven’t broken, the secrets to breathing, drugs and pain relief options, what to expect after the birth, breastfeeding and how to make the most of your hospital stay. All the essential information is inside, and each chapter takes only five minutes to read. Even though you’ve got nine months to prepare, this book is a handy addition to your hospital bag.