Monday, December 5, 2011

No more sipping on air

There are plenty of sippy cups for toddlers on the market, some with retractable straws, some with leaky mouth pieces and others with lids that are tricky to attach correctly.
But I’ve found a sippy cup that is leak-proof, light weight, is easy to assemble, and has the unique feature of a weighted straw that moves with the liquid.
This means that whatever angle the cup is tilted, your toddler won’t be sucking on air, they will be able to drink every last drop.
The new Essential Sippy Cup from is free of BPA, Phthalates and PVC, dishwasher safe, has a soft silicone straw, easy grip handle for little hands and a flip-top lid is very easy for children to use.
My daughter, aged 17 months, took to the cup with ease. She is not yet old enough to understand that some sippy cups have to be used on one side only, so she often has the spout on the wrong side and tries desperately to get a drink. 
However, the essential sippy cup can be used from both sides as it is the straw that does all the work making sure it stays in the fluid and not in air.
The cup is available in apple, blueberry and raspberry, and is only $14.95.
After all the accidents we’ve had with other cups, I wish I had this sippy cup months ago – it’s a definite winner.
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