Sunday, November 20, 2011

Letters from Santa

If you’ve got children who are desperately trying to be good before Christmas, there are some great websites to help you get in the spirit of the season
With only 43 days until Christmas, I’ve found some fun ways to make this year’s event even more memorable, and particularly fun for the digital generation. presents an animated village where each house offers something new.
There are dozens of games, activities, recipes, weather station, e-cards, letters to Santa, freebies, crafts, stories and lots more.
This is a great place for kids who are bored during the holidays, but probably the best feature is the personalised Christmas stories that you can print featuring your child’s name. has short videos of real life at the Santa Claus’ Village at Rovaniemi in Lapland, as well as footage of the Northern Lights, Christmas around the world, places to see in Finland and more.
This site shows Santa in his everyday life, with the reindeers and elves helpful for kids who are unsure if he’s real or not.
There are also lots of links to associated sites such as where you can order an official letter from Rovaniemi, Santa Claus’ home town at the Arctic Circle., based in Alaska, is another site where you can get a letter from Santa, and each letter includes a keepsake photo of Santa, Santa’s Good List sticker, Santa dollar, and stamped with an “official mail” seal and North Pole postmark.
This site has been sending letters for almost 60 years, putting smiles on the faces of nearly two million children all over the world.
Letters are mailed to arrive just in time for Christmas, but you need to order by November 25.
They are available in 25 different formats for boys, girls, pets, grown-ups, couples, baby’s first Christmas, and much more. 
There are also plenty of sites offering emails from Santa, but I personally think a letter in the mail is far more special for a child.
If you want to teach your kids about the history of Santa Claus, as well as traditional activities, then visit where you will find crafts, printables, recipes, stories, games and lots of culture. 
I particularly liked the section on Christmas traditions from more than 30 different countries.
How would your child like to see a video of Santa personally welcoming your child, congratulating them for being well behaved and hints at what special treat might be under the Christmas tree? asks you a few questions about your child and then produces an adorable video. promotes holidays to Finland to meet Santa Claus in person.
Since most of us are staying down under for Christmas, there is an interesting Santa Cam which starts on December 1, where you can see inside and outside of Santa’s office as they prepare for Christmas.
For lots of laughs, go to where you can upload pictures of yourselves that are turned into dancing, singing elves.
You can create up to five elves, choose from numerous dance styles and then email the final video to friends and family. has a multitude of Christmas themed games, printables and more. Click on “Holidays”, then “Christmas” to get to the right section.
Then on Christmas Eve, don’t forget to log onto to track Santa’s journey around the world.


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