Monday, May 23, 2011

Soft sleeping bag for all seasons

Review of Bambino Merino Sleeping Bag

With the cooler months upon us, it’s time to pull out the winter pyjamas and extra blankets. But how do you keep your baby warm? Most parents don’t use blankets to avoid the risk of SIDS, while some babies simply kick them off, or crawl out from under the covers (which is what my kids tend to do). The answer is a sleeping bag, and while there are many of these on the market, I bet there are none as good as this one.
Already established as an award-winning range in England, Bambino Merino is now available in Australia offering practical, stylish and affordable sleeping products for newborns to toddlers.
Parents no longer need to buy several sleeping bags to suit the weather and age of child, because these sleeping bags will last through all four seasons, for nursery temperatures ranging from 17-30 degrees.
Made from 100 per cent pure merino wool, and 100 per cent cotton, they keep baby warm and comfortable throughout the night, without the risk of overheating.
Other brands of sleeping bags require parents to work out the TOG rating for summer and winter, but merino wool creates a “micro-climate” around the baby. This helps maintain an even, comfortable temperature all year round.
Probably the most surprising aspect of Bambino Merino is that it is incredibly soft to touch.
The wool is not itchy or irritating, so it would be suitable for children with eczema or allergies, and another bonus is that it is machine washable.
There is a zip opening at the bottom for nappy changes as well.
I tried the sleeping bag out on my daughter and there’s no doubt she felt warm and snug all night long. The only problem we found was that she wasn’t happy not being able to crawl around her cot when she woke in the morning!
Bambino Merino sleeping bags are come in two sizes to fit babies from approximately two months to two years of age and a toddler size for two to four year olds.
The full collection of merino clothing and baby sleeping bags come in a range of colours. Check out


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Sherille Jill said...

I need two of this for my baby and for my sister’s baby too. I hope that buying two of this won’t cost me too much. I really need this because my baby can’t get a good night sleep.

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ranzu alam said...

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