Saturday, April 30, 2011

Super wetsuits for babies and kids!


MY two children have been fortunate to be able to roadtest two fabulous products from Konfidence – one of the leading manufacturers of swimwear for babies and children.
The Konfidence Babywarma (pictured below) is a flexible, 2mm‑thick, soft neoprene wetsuit for babies aged 0-24 months. It allows little ones to stay warmer in the pool for much longer than normal, plus it is totally UV protective and provides a higher grip surface when carrying your baby, compared with bare skin.
The wetsuit has a hidden flap design offering flexibility to adjust the suit as your baby grows.
The suit opens flat so it’s easy to get on and off, while the flap at the bottom allows for quick nappy changes and works perfectly with the Konfidence range of adjustable and reusable swim nappies that fit from age three to 30 months. I tried the reusable, one-size-fits‑all nappy with the Babywarma on my youngest and they both fit very snug and comfortably, but with obvious room to grow.
For older children, there is the Kids Warma wetsuit (pictured above), which fits children from age two to seven years. It is made from soft, 2.5mm-thick neoprene with adjustable shoulder straps to make it easy for kids to get on and off, and can be worn with a buoyancy jacket over the top or a UV sun shirt underneath.
One of the best features is the sleeveless vest design allowing the arms freedom of movement during swimming lessons.
When my daughters tried out their wetsuits, it was clear that when swimming their bodies naturally remained flat on the surface providing the ideal position for swimming strokes such as freestyle.
My daughter’s swimming teacher was very impressed with both wetsuits and encouraged other parents to consider them for their children, particularly the Babywarma for little ones who are still getting used to the water.
The Konfidence wetsuits come in a range of colours as well. With the cooler months approaching, the wetsuits are ideal for the pool or the beach, allowing your children to stay safe, protected, warm and happy in the water.
The Babywarma retails for $39.95 while the Kids Warma retails for $44.95, and both wetsuit designs come in three different sizes.
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