Tuesday, January 4, 2011

WIN a Yoga DVD and Yoga Mat!

Many women suffer from low iron levels, but popping a pill is not always the easiest solution.
Over-the-counter tablets often contain a form of iron called ferrous sulphate which is renowned for causing side effects such as bloating, cramping and constipation.
Clements Iron is different as it contains a special type of iron called Ferrochel, which is chelated. This means the iron molecules are attached to amino acids which help absorption and reduce irritation to the digestive system.
Clements Iron also contains a broad spectrum of helpful vitamins and minerals to keep you feeling vibrant, energetic and healthy.
Clements Iron can be found in pharmacies or for more info, visit www.fgb.com.au
To help you get fit in 2011, weekender has four Clements Iron Fitness packs to giveaway.
Each prize is valued at $70 and includes a red yoga mat, yoga exercise DVD and a brochure on Clements Iron.
Entries close 9am, Friday, January 7.


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