Monday, January 3, 2011

Get fit in 2011

Finding it hard to find time to exercise? Here’s some ideas that might help you keep in shape
This time last year I wrote a column about some easy New Year resolutions that every parent should adopt, such as spending more time with the kids.
For many parents the kids may not be as high on the list as, for example, “losing weight and getting fit” or “quit smoking”.
And let’s face it, we all love to indulge a little over the festive season.
Resolutions to improve our health are beneficial to the whole family if you stick to them and reach your goals.
So before you go joining the nearest gym, here’s some ideas on how to squeeze in some exercise while staying at home to take care of the children.
1. Wear your gym clothes all day. Finding time to exercise, even if it is 15 minutes on the treadmill, or a 30-minute yoga DVD, while the kids take their naps can be tough. 
Putting on your gym gear first thing in the morning will firstly get you in the mood to exercise and motivate you to work harder (even if you are just doing chores around the house), it makes exercise easier because you’re always ready when the time allows, and it reminds you of your goal to exercise.
2. Exercise with your children. Aside from playing Wii tennis with my baby on one hip (and winning I might add!) it is possible to have a lot of fun exercising with your kids.
Include them in your workout by getting them to count your reps or give them their own pair of toy dumbbells (a couple of toilet rolls will do). 
Pram pushing is free and easy, and if you have older kids, join them for a bike ride.
Consider playing a sport once a week such as squash, tennis, golf, netball or basketball.
3. Make every movement count. Pushing the vacuum from one end of the house to the other will count towards losing those love handles, but there’s other activities you can do such as running up stairs instead of walking, add more walking to your day (park the car further away from the supermarket), do lunges every time you pick up toys from the floor, do push ups with the kids on your back, or do tummy crunches with baby on your knees.
4. Time management is crucial. Don’t think that 10 minutes workout sessions won’t make a difference, because they will if you do them enough.
Even if you have a hectic schedule, be ready to take advantage of a few minutes here and there. 
Ten minutes is all you need to do a cardio workout, some yoga stretches, or strength training. 
Try doing some pushups, squats and lunches, and then a quick run on a treadmill or staircase.
The main thing to remember is to stay active.
5. Consider a personal trainer. If it’s within your budget, consider working with a trainer once a week at your home.
It’s a great way to stay on track, and the trainer can work around your schedule. You don’t have to drive anywhere for an appointment, and you’ll get customized workouts that help you reach your personal goals. 
Plus, having a personal trainer keeps you motivated.
If money is tight, consider doing partner training with a friend.
6. Involve your friends and family. If you have a spouse or family support, you may be able to get some time away from taking care of the children to fit in some exercise time.


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