Sunday, December 26, 2010

What a great idea

For a mum like me who lives in a perpetual state of organised chaos, it was a pleasure to receive in the post recently the Ideas Book by Bronnie Masefau. This lovely little red book aims to inspire women into transforming their house into a home.
There are tips on all areas of the home from kitchens, bathrooms, children’s spaces, work spaces and more, as well as lots of scribble pages for you to jot down your thoughts and ideas. Wondering how to make more creative storage spaces in your home? Want to make your lounge room more comfortable? Wishing you could keep your kids occupied and out of your hair while you cook dinner? The Ideas Book can help you improve your home and organise your life.
At the back is a handy pocket for gathering bits and bobs, and a address book section to note down your favourite stores, websites and bloggers. It’s the perfect size for the handbag and comes with a ribbon place mark and elastic band to hold the book together.
While this book is perfect for budding designers or anyone buying their first home, it can also be a good way to keep track of your short and long term goals.
The nice thing about the ideas book is that there is no set theme, so although you’re inspired by Bronnie’s ideas, you can also work on your own with lots of space to jot down notes or stick in magazine tear sheets or fabric swatches. 
We all lead busy lives and have so much information floating around our heads, so it can be difficult to remember it all. The Ideas Book takes the pressure off and does the remembering for us.
* The Ideas Book is available from for $24.95.


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