Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just say "no"

It’s okay to say ‘no’ to your children without the negative consequences
Quite often I’ll meet mums who give me suggestions for future articles, and one of the most common requests is “how to say no to children”.
Before I became a parent, I didn’t think there was such a thing as parents who didn’t use the word “no”.
It just seemed like common sense to me. If a child asks for something they can’t have, just say “no”.
But then I met parents who found it incredibly hard to say “no” to their children for many various reasons.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Preparing the nest

There’s nothing like late pregnancy to inspire all sorts of weird behaviour

By the time you read this, I will be a mother of two children.
It’s something I’ve wanted for years now and our family is buzzing with excitement.
But at the same time I am filled with anxiety, fear, worry and just a teeny bit of dread.
Firstly I’m going to hospital for an elective caesarean, which was not what I had originally planned, but as most parents know, birth plans can get thrown out the window.
Our baby is still breech, and after weighing up all the pros and cons of vaginal breech birth, we believe a caesar is the safest option for our baby.
The thought of giving birth in this way is disappointing to me. I’m a great believer in natural birthing, and I suppose I’m lucky that the birth of my first child was so positive.
I went through a period of time feeling like a failure. Despite lying upside-down off the couch every day, doing handstands in the pool, visiting a chiropractor and getting acupuncture and moxibustion, I just could not convince my unborn baby to turn around.
So it took me a while to come to terms with the fact that my ideal birth was not going to happen.
But then, there is a voice in my head saying “well at least you don’t have to endure labour pain”.
And that thought comes as quite a relief as I still remember labouring with my daughter, and feeling like I was being tortured.
Now that I’m embracing my new birth plan, there are still fears about being cut open, recovery, and the possibility of my rheumatoid arthritis flaring.
I’ve had a few panic attacks, but most bizarrely, I’ve started nesting like I’ve never nested before.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Boys at risk

It’s time parents confronted the problems boys and young men face, to help them grow into resilient, productive and happy individuals
Any parent who has a son, especially a teenager or pre-teen, must read this.
It’s shocking, it’s confronting, and at times, very sad. But it’s real.
I have just finished reading a book titled What’s Happening to Our Boys? by Maggie Hamilton.
Some of the material is grim, from young boys engaging in sexual acts, to being exposed to graphic and disturbing pornography, to their addiction to computers, and alcohol and drug abuse.
The reality is that boys today are a lot different from previous generations.
Why are boys suffering body image and self-esteem problems? Why do they feel worthless without the latest branded toy, game or item of clothing? What makes fast foods so attractive? Why are they drawn to countless acts of violence on TV, movies and computer games? What impact does our highly sexualised climate, our emphasis on success and money, have on them as they grow? And why are so many boys vulnerable to cyber bullying and pornography?

Friday, June 4, 2010

WIN a Flexi Bath!

Trust the Danish to come up with this clever new baby bath design. Not only does it look super stylish, but it folds flat and can be easily stored away without consuming precious space in your home.
Sometimes all the ‘stuff’ a young child requires makes us feel our homes are being over run with baby equipment and storage space becomes even more precious.
The Flexi Bath collapses flat so it can be stored under a bed, in a cupboard or against a wall. 
The Flexi Bath does not have a wide rim around the top like traditional baths making it appear smaller, but this is only an optical illusion.  Once filled with water the Flexi Bath expands and holds plenty of water to wash your little bub.
The Flexi Bath is available in six colours for modern mums and bubs. It is PVC and phthalates free and has a non-slip bottom and surface, making it safe, comfortable and environmentally responsible. 
To get your hands on one go to www.arealcoolworld.com.au to purchase online or see a list of stockists. They cost $64.95.
Weekender in Saturday's Weekend Post has one red Flexi Bath to giveaway. 
Competition closes 9am, Thursday, June 10.

Liar, liar, pants on fire

It’s perfectly normal to tell your kids porky pies, but don’t avoid facing reality sometimes

“I’m a firm believer in lying to children, if for no other reason than it is fantastic fun.” – Nigel Latta, author of Politically Incorrect Parenting.
On the face of it, this statement may make some parents cringe, but when you really think about it... lying to kids is a very normal part of parenting.
“What are you eating Mum?” says the toddler who spots mum eating chocolate.
“Broccolli,” she says confidently, looking her child straight in the eye.
“Can I ride on Thomas the Tank Engine?” asks the toddler at the shopping centre.
“Not today darling, the batteries are flat.”
Parents lie to kids about all sorts of things and there’s nothing wrong with this.
If we didn’t lie, people would find it very hard to co-exist, particularly when asked questions like “does my bum look big in this?”