Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thank you!

To start at the beginning, I had a somewhat emotional rollercoaster day on Saturday. Woke up with hands that screamed at me, but I was determined to get my daughter to her Little Ballerinas class on time (8.30am). After a breakfast of cereal and a handful of pills, hubby got Laura ready, then he started the car for me and helped me put on my seat belt. We made it on time, but I was hurting from head to toe, and my brain was like pea soup fog. After class, Laura had a tantrum and we ended up fighting all the way home, with me crawling into my room in tears unable to control my fragile physical and emotional state. What a drama queen!

Eventually the family storm become calm and hubby took us all to the North Queensland Baby and Children's Expo at the Convention Centre. Now in its second year, the expo is going from strength to strength and is a real credit to event manager and director Jodie Cox. She has brought together so many wonderful exhibitors, presenters and entertainers for two full days of shopping, information and fun for kids. While hubby took Laura off to meet the Easter Bunny and get her face painted, I wandered through the aisles looking for information relative to me and my family, in particular, anything to do with pregnancy and having my second child.

I had a lovely chat to a midwife from Cairns Base Hospital and discovered that a lot has changed since 2006 when I had Laura. My chance for a water birth is a lot more likely, with more staff qualified to assist, and my options for pain relief and third stage of labour (delivering the placenta) are also more flexible than last time. She told me they also offer refresher antenatal courses so I think that I should probably enrol... four years isn't a long time, but when you suffer from brain fog like I do, it's probably a good idea!

I have often praised the wonderful work of the Australian Breastfeeding Association in my columns, but today I just want to give a pat on the back to Cairns group leader Julie-Anne who I spoke with at the expo. I explained my situation of dealing with rheumatoid arthritis, pregnancy and medications safe for baby, and she said she would try and find some information for me. Well, late last night I got an email from her with a very comprehensive list of information, links to various websites (some of which I knew about, but some of them I had not found before... Google doesn't always get it right!) and a personal invitation to get in touch with her if ever I need any further advice or assistance. This information is like finding gold... it's up-to-date and it's relevant to me. So, Julie-Anne, I want to let everyone know that I'm very grateful for your help, and super impressed at your efficiency!

When you consider that ABA counsellors are all volunteers and receive no payment for the work they do, it's so great to know that there are women out there supporting other women. Yesterday was International Women's Day, and I really didn't give too much thought to what it meant... but in the past month I have been given so many helping hands from family, friends, colleagues and complete strangers, and most of them are women. Thank you ladies, may good karma come back to you!


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