Friday, January 15, 2010

Resolve to put the family first this year

Here are a set of resolutions that you’ll want to keep year after year

So you’ve indulged in one too many rum balls, puddings, or sugar-coated peanuts?
And New Year’s Eve has come and you are ready to start afresh.
This is probably the one time of the year when parents actually think of themselves and say “I resolve to quit smoking, get fit or get out of debt”, but on the top of almost everyone’s list is “I resolve to spend more time with family”.
But this is sometimes harder said than done.
The saying “time is money” really does ring true for a lot of people since the global economic crisis, and every moment working counts towards higher living costs and rate rises.
However, the time spent with family may not be hours on end, but it can be quality time if you just put a bit of thought into it, leave your stress at the door and give your full attention to your child.

Here are some easy New Year’s resolutions that I think every parent should adopt in 2010:
* Don’t just tell you children you love them, tell them why.
* Hug your children more often, regardless of whether they are male or female, three years old or 13.
* Ignore the messy bedrooms for a change… in the grand scheme of life, it won’t really matter when they are all grown up.
* Read to your children more, and when you’re tempted to buy a video game, buy a book instead.
* Teach your children (both male and female) to cook and enjoy healthy food.
* If you don’t want children to repeat swear words or use certain words, set the example and make sure they don’t hear you say them.
* Watch the news with your children and discuss what’s happening in the world.
* Help your children with their homework, but don’t do it for them.
* Always keep your promises.
* Let your children see you make mistakes and accept responsibilty for them.
* Practise patience, and teach your children how to wait and be patient too.
* Be sure that your partner and you are a team.
* Listen more than you speak. Don’t interrupt a child when they are speaking and don’t finish a child’s sentence.
* Try not to speak in anger. Put yourself in time-out with each child every week.
* Turn off your mobile phone when you are with your child.
* Be sure to have one-on-one time with each child every week.
* Stop feeling guilty about everything.
* Do a nice thing once a week just for you.
* Keep yourself educated and informed about parenting and child care.
* Get help if you need it… don’t be ashamed to ask for help.
* Laugh a lot.


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