Saturday, October 17, 2009

The lowdown on cereal

A survey of more than 200 breakfast cereals found that all cereals marketed for children, except for one, have too much sugar and/or too little fibre.
Ten out of 20 children’s cereals contained 40 per cent sugar.
Only three of the top 10 selling cereals are recommended by the government watchdog: Weet-Bix, Sultana Bran and VitaBrits.
Children’s cereals on the whole tend to be nutritionally inadequate and many healthy adult cereals would be far better for the whole family.
Porridge is a great breakfast as it is low in sodium, high in fibre, and has a low GI.
A cup of cooked rolled oats provides about 3-4g of fibre and the only sugar and salt is what you add on, so try using fruit and yogurt to sweeten your porridge which will add more nutrients.
A lesson for parents: if you never buy unhealthy cereals, your children will never consume them. Don’t allow your kids to become addicted to a bowl of sugar in the morning.
Feeding Fussy Kids has a fabulous recipe called Three-Bubble Crunch. It’s crunchy and yummy, and looks just like a shop-bought cereal, but it has none of the added salt or sugar.

NB. I have now road tested the Three-Bubble Crunch... check out my other blog here for the review! 


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